What’s On

As well as putting on Cornwall's premier festival of Cornish Celtic music and dance, Lowender supports the community, bringing people together!
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festival | gool

An annual celebration of Cornish culture and its Celtic connections. Join us in Redruth for Cornwall’s biggest Celtic festival! 


concert series | Kevres kescan

Kernow a Dynnargh / Cornwall Welcomes; an annual programme of concerts featuring some of the finest exponents of Cornish music and special invited guests.

Lowender Peran Oct 22 -154

sessions | rakka

Our monthly Cornish/Celtic session takes place in St Rumons Town Bar in Redruth on the 3rd Sunday of every month (except August). A mixed bag of music and songs from Cornwall and across the Celtic world. Bring your instruments and singing voices or just come and enjoy the atmosphere!


Treys Lowen | Happy Feet

Come and join our family friendly Cornish dance at Gwealan Tops Hall in Redruth – great for fun activities with little ones!

Lowender Peran Oct 22 -017

projects | ragdresow

We support and contribute to cultural projects up and down Cornwall and we’re adding a page to bring these all together. 

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networking | owth omvyskys

Stay tuned – we’re developing a series of events where people and organisations in the Cornish and broader cultural sector can share news, explore ideas, celebrate successes and generally catch up!