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an daras

An Daras, which means ‘the doorway’ in Cornish, is an outreach project of Lowender Peran, Cornwall’s Celtic festival, and provides a portal to the distinctive traditions of Cornwall.

cornish national music archive

The Cornish National Music Archive aims to collect together information about musical cultures in Cornwall and its diasporic communities – from step-dancing to brass bands, electronica to folk sessions, and Christmas carols to bagpipes. It is for everybody to use, to learn from, and to contribute to.

Morgannow: Shanties in the Cornish language

Morgannow is one of Lowender’s outreach projects, focusing on shanties which are part of global maritime culture derived from the working songs of the days of sail. They lend themselves well to being sung in Cornish – the resources you’ll find on their website include videos which you can sing along to, and pdf files which you can download and project on to a screen for ease of use.

Kanow kernewek: Popular songs in the Cornish language

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Hwithrans: Research

In 2022 Cornwall 365 conducted a research project: ‘Mapping Intangible Cornish Heritage’. The project explored the challenges facing Cornish intangible cultural heritage and identified ways forward for its development. The research was commissioned by Cornwall Council, Lowender, Cornwall Heritage Trust, FEAST, The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies and Gorsedh Kernow, and you can view the report here.

pergheneghi: youth led session

At Lowender 2023, a special session will take place during the Prys Lowen (happy hour) on the 28th of October – open to anyone, but specifically for younger players and singers who will be on the ‘inner circle’, starting the tunes/songs and setting the pace with a mixture of songs from Cornwall and across the Celtic world. Listen and download music (concert, Bb and Eb available) for 8 tunes that are guaranteed to appear