Welcome to the lowender festival:




Lowender is a word for celebration, mirth or festivity in the Cornish language – and spreading the joy and happiness that comes from sharing music, dance, culture, and being part of an amazing community is what Lowender is all about. 


The Lowender festival is a town-takeover in the historic mining town of Redruth, Cornwall, hosted across a range of venues across the town. There’s a huge variety of events to attend and get involved with – from music, dance, Cornish language, family friendly, and singing sessions.


Whether you’re just newly dipping your toe into Cornish or Celtic music, dance, song – or have been coming to Lowender Peran since its earliest days – there’s something for one and all at Lowender. 

concerts & Displays

We’re proud to provide a platform to support emerging local talent and musicians, dance teams, as well as bringing the finest acts from the wider Celtic world to Cornwall. 


With a range of groups and artists from traditional to contemporary and beyond, come and enjoy our incredible programme.


Music & Singing sessions

Our sessions are welcome to all, so please bring your instruments and singing voices. Plenty of informal sessions spontaneously pop up during the festival, and there are others that are programmed. 


They’re ideal opportunities to come and listen, or pick up your instrument and have a go! 


Lowender is famous for its evening dances which go on into the early hours of the morning. In some cases there is a caller to guide you through the dances, and in others you can pick them up as you go along. 


No experience necessary – and the more the merrier!



The festival provides opportunities for one and all to engage and experiment with different forms of expressive culture, and Cornish music and dance. Whether you’re honing a skill or looking to try something for the first time. Check out our progamme for all events!

family activities

As well as our later evening dancing evenings and concerts, we’re proud to be a family friendly festival with events and venues suitable for all age groups. Families come back to us year on year thanks to the welcoming atmosphere and a varied programme with plenty to get stuck into for young and old(er!). 

Lowender Peran Oct 22 -017

cornish language

Kernewek, the Cornish language, is a sister language to Breton and Welsh, and closely related to the Gaelic languages of The Isle of Man, Ireland and Scotland. 


With a growing number of speakers across Cornwall and beyond, Kernewek is a unique part of our Cornish heritage, and at Lowender you’ll find opportunities for conversations, simple greetings and perhaps join in with a few songs in Cornish.

talks & Cornish music symposium

At the festival, we host the annual Cornish Music Symposium, which brings together practitioners and academics to talk about their latest work or research. 


We also collaborate with other organisations to bring together speakers on topics relating to Cornish expressive arts, history, culture, and heritage. Check the programme for this year’s Symposium – coming soon!


2023 festival highlights


Saturday 9th September

7.30pm, Perranporth



Friday, 26th October

7.30pm, Redruth School


Mike o’connor & Barbara griggs

Saturday, 28th October

4:00pm, St Andrew's


elizabeth davidson & daniel quayle

Saturday, 28th October

7.30pm, Redruth School


40th anniversary concert