Lowender: a Cornish/

Kernewek word for mirth, joy or festivity 

We celebrate Cornwall’s rich and distinctive culture; championing Cornwall’s living traditions locally, nationally and internationally. We are passionate about the power of cultural exchange to connect communities, contributing to a society that finds strength and joy in diversity.

We are a registered CIO set up to encourage recognition of Cornwall’s heritage and Celtic links as a vibrant, living tradition that everyone can participate in and enjoy.


To recognise and value your own and roots and identity is an essential first step in recognising valuing and respecting those of other people.


We believe each generation must show the next that our culture has something to offer them that is worth carrying forward into the future. Lowender provides the ideal medium through which to do this.


Come to the festival, join us at an event, get involved as a partner – let’s celebrate Cornish culture!


Festival | Gool

Lowender’s flagship event, bringing the very best of local, international, emerging and established Celtic music and dance to Redruth for one and all to enjoy!

what's on | hwarvosow

As well as the Lowender festival, we put on and support a range of events across Cornwall throughout the year that are designed to get people together to enjoy Cornish culture!

Lowender Peran Oct 22 -102 72 1920

get involved | bydh OMVYSKYS

There are plenty of ways to get involved with Lowender – volunteer with us, partner with us on a project, sponsor an event – or suggest something to us!

resources | Asnodhow

As well as partnering with similar organisations and cultural projects, we’re working with our network of cultural contacts to develop initiatives and projects that create resources and widen access to culture.