About Us

We’re an advocacy and development organisation for Cornish culture. We’re building on Cornwall’s wide network of international friendships to celebrate cultural exchange and support Cornish culture to thrive. 

What does that actually mean?

We’re Cornish culture’s biggest cheerleaders! We run a festival, put on events, support projects, working with with musicians, schools, community groups, to make sure that Cornish culture is accessible and celebrated in Cornwall and beyond. 


Our mission

Our mission is to advocate for Cornish culture from the ground up, connecting communities and championing Cornwall’s living traditions locally, nationally and internationally. 

Our vision

Our vision is a Cornwall where everyone can cherish and embrace Cornish culture, contributing to a society that celebrates and finds strength in diversity.

Our values

We have developed a set of values that help us inform our decision making and stay true to our mission and vision. They are: 


Lowender works with communities to build from the ground up. The welfare of people and planet is at the heart of our decision making.  


We aim to inspire creativity by forging and nurturing networks in Cornwall, the Celtic world and beyond. 


We welcome one and all – this is an inclusive, respectful and joyful space where everyone is invited to express themselves through Cornish culture.  


We celebrate positive expressions of Cornish culture and identity which are engaging, distinctive and fun.

Our History | AGAN ISTORI

Lowender has its roots in Lowender Peran, Cornwall’s Celtic Festival which ran for 45 successful years, evolving and building on a rich foundation of international friendships and networks to become a cultural advocacy and development organisation for Cornish culture.